mobile x-ray barrier

​Stralskydd RSE AB provides a wide variety of x-ray protective barriers:

Mobile x-ray barrier

Stralskydd RSE AB produce mobile x-ray Shields on wheels.

There are x-ray screens with or without lead glass as well as screens totally in glass.

The x-ray screens are designed to be able to fit together and make a wide buit safe larger barrier. Sizes are mentioned in mm and can be produced in customized sizes too.

Foldable x-ray barrier

Foldable x-ray barrierFixed foldable barrier

We customize the foldable barrier as of your requested size.

It can be produced with or without wheels.

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Mobile foldable x-ray barrier / Flexi-roll-stand

The product Flexi-roll-stand consist of lead acrylics and is a flexible solution for the working team that needs a barrier that can easily fold and be moved. On the following link you can see a demonstration.

Fixed x-ray barrier

Fixed x-ray barriers make the workflow efficient as the team does not have to open and close doors at every image shot.

We need a dialogue about the barrier and a bref drawing for a start. The fixed x-ray shielding solution will be built from the needs of the room. Some common questions are:

  • How big shall it be?
  • What lead equivalence is needed?
  • With or without glass and size of glass?
  • Shall it be fixed to the wall or standing in the room?

Mobile barrier sizes

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