Lead boards for X-ray protection

Strålskydd RSE AB has radiation protection plates with or without lead as radiation protection on walls, floors and ceilings. Fast deliveries are key words for us. Radiation protection solutions are made with lead protection from 0.5 mm up to the desired lead thickness. Strålskydd RSE AB also sells lead-free radiation protection boards. One should know that barium is integrated into the boards instead of lead, which is difficult to take care of when the board is deposited, unlike lead which is easily recycled in its entirety. For a simple installation we recommend our radiation-protective building boards with lead foil / lead plate laminated on the boards. We also provide lead on roll or in other forms to protect against X-rays. Below is more information about the different options: Nedan följer mer information om de olika alternativen:

Lead boards

Laminated lead on gypsym/pasterboard or wooden based board is the common product.

Lead on plasterboard is a usual alternative which also gives some fire-resistance. This solution comes with the CE-marking.

If a more load-bearing construction is needed in the wall, lead is laminated to OSB or plywood and placed against the joists at the bottom of the wall construction. It is common for plasterboard to be placed on the outside to give the surface you want.

The assembly is made so that a joint strip with lead is placed on the stud and places the board with lead so that lead meets lead overlapping. In this way, the solution becomes completely radiation-protected. In the corners, wider strips should be placed so that the lead overlaps sufficiently enough.

Lead on roll - Lead sheet - Lead foil

Strålskydd RSE AB has lead on rolls for X-ray protection for walls, floors and ceilings. Lead in its pure form is recyclable in its entirety and therefore has very little or no impact on the environment as radiation protection where it is protected in a wall during its use. Lead rolls are available from 0.5 mm up to the desired lead thickness. For easiest installation, we recommend radiation-protective boards with lead foil / lead plate laminated on the boards. Common stock size dimensions of the lead rolls are a width of about 45cm, 60cm or 90cm and the length 210cm, 250cm or according to other agreements.

Lead-free radiation protection boards

Strålskydd RSE AB can deliver radiation protection boards without lead.

Lead free boards contain the shielding subject barium sulphate in powder form which is integrated in the gypsum.

The boards are handled as ordinary plasterboard during assembly and are sound-insulating and fire-resistant as well as other plaster boards. In order to achieve higher lead protection, several layers are often needed.

The boards usually have the dimensions 625 * 2500 * 12.5 mm and a weight of 17 kg / m2. Each layer of boards needs to be filled with special putty containing barium sulphate to handle the radiation.

Make a request

It is the machine’s radiation or the radiant preparation that determines how much protection is needed, hear with the machine supplier or the radiation physicist what is required for the room you are protecting.

For price and environmental reasons, you want to use as little protection as possible.


For dentists it is common with 0.5 – 1.0 mm lead (lead equivalence) on the walls up to a height of 2100 mm, while in hospital environment it is common with 2 mm lead up to 2100 or 2500 mm on the wall. The machine decides!

For veterinarians, both variants may occur depending on the machine and the size of the animals.
There are also machines that require more protection than this, and sometimes special solutions are needed to get it tight.

If you require lead from 0.5 mm you will need splice strips between the boards to make it tight. The joints in the corners of the rooms need to be wider. Notify how many corners you need lead protection to.

Frequently asked questions

1. What thickness of lead do you need?
2. What kind of boards do you prefer (gypsum/wooden based)?
3. Lead protection to which height of the wall (usually 2100 or 2500 mm)?
4. How big wall surface should be protected / how many meters of wall?
5. How many corners should be protected?
6. When do you need the delivery?
7. Which contact person should be used with which telephone number at delivery?

Lead on roll

Facts on lead boards

Board typeLead thicknessBoard standard sizeHeight of leadWeight in kg/m2
(laminated surface)
Plasterboard 13 mm0,5 mm900*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm15
OSB 11 mm0,5 mm900*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm13
Plywood 12 mm0,5 mm900*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm12
Plasterboard 13 mm1 mm900*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm19
OSB 11 mm1 mm900*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm>17
Plywood 12 mm1 mm900*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm18
Plasterboard 13 mm2 mm450*2500 / 600*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm27
OSB 11 mm2 mm450*2500 / 600*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm25
Plywood 12 mm2 mm450*2500 / 600*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm29
Particleboard 12 mm2 mm600*2500 mm2100 / 2500 mm31

Lead boards or lead free boards, a comparision

Lead equivalenceLead boardsLead free barium sulphate boards
0,5Lead laminated boards with lead strip on studs1-2 layers of boards with special putty all around every board
1Lead laminated boards with lead strip on studs2-3 layers of boards with special putty all around every board
2Lead laminated boards with lead strip on studs6 layers of boards with special putty all around every board



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