We are experts at producing x-ray shielding doors for the Scandinavian market. They are made easy to clean as hygiene is important.

A lead door looks like and works like a usual interior door. It is produced according to the same standards 8*21; 9*21; 10*21, or custom made to fit your needs.

Strålskydd RSE AB supply lead-doors from the standard stock in 1-2 weeks. Customized doors are supplied in 4-8 weeks.

  • 2 mm lead door are most common for hospital use.
  • 1 mm lead door are most commof for dental x-ray,
    or 0,5 mm lead door depending on the radiating machine.
  • The lead is hidden inside the door and the frame is constructed to give a totally radiation safe solution.
  • Frames with lead are available in wooden or steel material, designed to be safe.

X-ray door glazing alternatives

The door can be equipped with a lead glass. We store the lead glass for fast delivery.

These are standard glaszing alternatives



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