Lead glass protects from radiation because of the content of lead integrated into the glass. It is used within healtcare, industry and science.

Protective x-ray glass is ordered in mm of lead equivalence, the lead equivalence should be the same mm lead as of the wall or room where the glass is used.

There are different kinds of lead glass, with different density and/or thiscknesses depending on the use.

Fast delivery

Radiation Shielding AB stores lead glass in stock, which means we can offer very short delivery times.

Large sizes

We can deliver the largest lead glass on the market, measuring up to 1200×2600 at x-ray protection.

1000×1500 measures the lead glass Pro GR, with higher share of leadoxid, to protect from 511 keV gamma ray protection.

Window frames

Radiation protective frames are available in wood, steel and stainless steel.


Laminated x-ray glass has an increased resistance against blows and scratches. Laminated lead glass is used for mobile barriers and other areas where the safety glass is in an exposed location. Laminated lead glass is an alternative to lead acrylics.

We also supply isolating windows and/or laminated solutions with lead glass.

Lead glass thickness, mm Lead equivalent Comment
6,0 1,1  Stocksizes Lead equivalence guaranteed within 60-150kV, density 4,5
7,0 1,5
9,0 2,0  Stocksizes Lead equivalence guaranteed within 60-150kV
11,0 2,5
14,0 3,0  Stocksizes Lead equivalence guaranteed within 60-200kV
14,7 5,0 Pro Gr glass, used at 511keV, density 5,2
21,8 7,5 Pro Gr glas, vid gammastrålning 511keV
>7,5 Higher lead glass content on demand



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